Saturday, September 7, 2013

How I Witness At Walmart

Here is a list of ways that I witness when I go to Walmart. This may be helpful for someone who is trying to get started in witnessing on a daily basis or a person that needs a boost in giving out tracts.

1. I keep tracts in one hand for easy access to hand out.

2. Even if picking up 1 or 2 items when I'm by myself, I grab a buggy to keep my hands free to give someone a tract.

3. I usually try to witness one on one. I don't approach a man and a woman when they are together unless I see a good opportunity. Groups of people are a little tough, but there are some exceptions. One time in the parking lot, I gave the texting tract to a group of 4 young people.
Three of them were texting! I usually give tracts to Spanish men when they are together. Speaking a little Spanish helps!

4. I try not to hand tracts to security. Fortunately, I know who are in security at one store. I know one that is the other local store.

5. I always ask "Did you get one of these?". Over the last several years I've heard Ray Comfort, Carl Kalbfleisch, Steve Sanchez, and others use this question. It works! If you ask "Would you like one of these?", most likely they will say no. We need to stir up their curiosity. It lets them know that it is important. The Gospel is very important! Their soul is important to God!

6. I am not persistent if the person I try to give a tract to acts like they are offended or don't have the time. I remember one time when a man wouldn't take a tract. I asked his name, shook his hand, and left. They need to see that we have a good spirit. If we are pushy, we may push them away from The Lord. One time, when we were outside of one of our street preaching fishing holes, we were talking with two band members that were playing that night. Another street preacher had showed up that isn't affiliated with us. He was very argumentive with the two men. It did not go the way that we wanted it to. We had to tell the bar manager that he showed up unexpected. The bar manager knew the man from a former bar that he worked at.

7. The checkout area is a good place to give a tract out. I try to give one to the person in front of me and the one behind me. When someone comes up behind me with just a few items, I let them go in front of me. When they are about to leave the checkout area, I will offer the tract. I've got a 100% success with this one! The cashier also gets a tract when I make my purchase. A cashier at the West Monroe
Walmart would always ask if I had any tracts when I went through her line. She knew that I always keep them with me.

8. I look for people to witness to at the check cashing and money exchange area. Most of the time there are Spanish men in line who I will give tracts to. I will usually ask if the man is a Christian. I will say that I have been a Christian for 20 years. Then, I will ask that he would read the tract later.

You can't stop once you get started. It's natural for a Christian to witness everywhere because the lost are everywhere! We have to be diligent in sharing our faith! I pray that you are encouraged after reading this. If you have ways that you like to witness, please leave a comment. I'll be glad to here from you!
Keep on going for Jesus! The race is almost over!

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