Friday, December 30, 2011

Evangelism Update - 12/30/2011

The Monday After Christmas - We were off from work due to Christmas being on Sunday. After going to my parents, my family and I ate at CiCi's Pizza. A Spanish couple was sitting in the booth behind us. When we were leaving, I told the gentleman " Feliz Ano Nuevo " ( Happy New Year ). We talked for a few minutes. He is a Doctor from Mexico City who lives in Dallas. I gave him my email and Spanish blog address. I gave out tracts at both of our Walmart stores.

Tuesday - I went to Walmart on my lunch. I talked to Luis, who is a truck driver that was passing through. I gave him a tract. He said that he lives in California. In witnessing, sometimes you run into people who aren't from the area that you live in. I've talked to different ones who are working in the area on a job that they travel with ( like construction ). I've talked to men that work on pipelines. Most likely, I will never see them again. At least I have talked to them about their soul or have put a tract in their hand.

Wednesday -At lunch, two Taco Bell employees got at tract. I went solo to jail service at Claiborne Parish Detention Center. We had a great service. I preached on " Set Free " out of Mark 5. I talked about my testimony and the born again experience. Many of the men took tracts, the gospel of John and Romans, and devotions. Two of the tracts are featured in the photo above.They are from this months Bezeugen Tract Club shipment.
One man asked me how to deal with his cellmates who weren't saved. I suggested that he read Ephesians 5. On the way home, I stopped at Walmart in Farmerville. I talked with a man whose name is pronounced " ses- toes ". He is from Mexico. After our conversation, I gave him a tract. I gave a New Year Resolution tract to the cashier as I was leaving.

Friday - I passed out several tracts at the mall tonight. I talked with a Spanish man who lives in Arkansas.
As I gave out the New Year Resolution tract, I would tell the receiver that there was a gospel message on the back. My five year old son helped put a few tracts out for someone to pickup.
At Walmart, I talked to Jorge. He works at a Chinese restaurant in the mall. My friend, Manuel, worked there until he moved back to Honduras last year. Jorge Is also from Honduras. He is a Christian, but can't go to church much because of his work schedule. At the checkout, I talked with Xavier. Then, I spoke with a couple from Columbia, South America. They know of a Spanish preacher that I know. Last stop: Water By The Gallon ! We went to fill up three water jugs. I gave a tract to a man that was leaving WingStop. I left a few at the water dispenser, also. Maybe someone who is getting natural water will receive the Living Water !

In my next post, I will write about my testimony. I was in an accident that led to my salvation. Only one more day in this year. Make it a soul-winning one !

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