Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Night Evangelism

Bro. JJ and I went witnessing for a few hours tonight. We started out at McDonald's. We wanted to see if the young man that I witnessed to several weeks ago was working. He wasn't, so I asked the woman who took our order if he was still there. He was off tonight. I asked her to give him the tract in the picture above to let him know that we came by. We also gave tracts to her and a manager.
Next, we went to Walmart to preach. We preached at the usual spot and a new spot closer to the entrance. When I went to see how far I cold hear Bro. JJ, I gave tracts to a few Walmart employees and customers, I also ran into Lance, who has been to our church. I invited him to come to our Christmas play next week.
While I was preaching, there was a man that was listening from across the street. I wished him a Merry Christmas when he walked away.
On the way home, we stopped at Circle K to get a drink. I gave a tract to the gentleman that was working at the checkout.
The tract in the photo is from the Bezuegen Tract Club. If you want to join, go to . I have used the two Christmas tracts in previous post. Have you given out tracts this Christmas Season ?

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