Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Witnessing

Bro. JJ and I planned on doing some street preaching on Friday night, but we decided not to preach at our main spot because the rock bar was having a benefit for a family. We felt it was wisdom because it would hurt our ministry. It might have been for a family that lost their house in a fire during the holidays. So, we tried to find somewhere else to preach. There wasn't another good spot that was busy with people outside. We ended up going to Walmart for some tag-team witnessing ! We talked to Rafael, who said that he didn't know where he was going if he died within five minutes. I talked to him about repentance and challenged him to get right with God. We gave tracts to a few shoppers. There was a lot of employees putting out stock. We witnessed to several. I gave a tract to Clayton, asking him to read it when he had a break. JJ witnessed to one man. After that, I gave a tract to that man's friend. Outside, we talked to a homeless man named Eddie. We told him that we would pray for him.
On Saturday, I went to Chile Verde ( our favorite Mexican restaurant ) with my family. My friend, Carlos, told me that he was going back to Mexico. I remember praying for him one night in the laundry matt parking lot. We felt the touch of the Lord as we prayed ! I talked to Midal, who said that members of his family were Christians. He is from Honduras. I pray that he will get back to the Lord. I gave tracts to Rodrigo and Jose. They were eating there. Jose said that they lived in Memphis and were in town working. I not only eat good food at Chile Verde; I get to witness, too !
I talked to Santiago at Kol's. He lived in Crossett, Ark. We have church members who live there. It is about an hour from Sterlington. I had left my Spanish tracts in our van. When we were leaving, I placed a tract titled "Porque El Vive" ( Because He Live's ) on a truck that was parked by us. I really think that was his truck. I had mentioned the tract to him in the store.
Afterward, we went grocery shopping at Walmart. I gave a "Get Out Of Hell Free" card to a man at the check-out. I offered one to the cashier. He had one at his register ! It must have been a card that we had left there. He said that he keeps the card close by ! I gave a tract to Lupe as we were leaving.
Most people have never received a gospel tract. It is up to us to get the gospel to them ! I haven't had many reject a tract lately. Most people will take one if you have the right attitude. They must see that we are concerned about their soul. They must see their need to be saved. Have you witnessed to anyone today ?

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