Sunday, December 30, 2012

Saturday Witnessing - Last Weekend Of 2012

If you want to witness more this year, you've got 1 more day! As I as shopping with my family on Saturday, I looked for opportunities to witness. I had just a few of the New Year resolution tracts left. I gave the Spanish version of Are You A Good Person tract to Antonio and Alfredo as they were leaving Ross. At Pecanland Mall, I gave a New Year tract to Jacob. I met a young man named Rafael who is studying for the ministry. I met a Spanish pastor at Sear's. He knows some of the Spanish brothers that I know. I gave a Gospel coin to Spanish Catholic man who was sitting on a bench. His name was Jesus. Michael took a tract, also.
I had some great conversations at Walmart. I talked with Sherrick at the pharmacy. He told me that he wasn't saved. I took him through 3 of the 10 commandments after giving him the Are You A Good Person tract. He said that he didn't have a Bible. I gave him my pocket New Testament. His mother was sitting beside him as we were talking. Jamar and Clyde took tracts at the pharmacy, also. I talked with Jacolby (an employee) who was walking toward the back. He took the Are You A Good Person tract. While I was talking with him, Clifford walked by. I have been witnessing to Clifford for about a year now. Jacolby admitted that he wasn't saved. A Spanish man named Efrean took a tract from me. He said that he wasn't a Christian. Ken took a tract. Ricardo was picking up a case of beer when I saw him. He didn't speak English. I understood him a little.
He said that he was Catholic. He said that he only drank about 2 drinks at a time. I shared a little of my testimony with him. I gave him the Spanish Are You A Good Person tract and the Gospel of John in Spanish. I ran into Yani who was bilingual in Spanish and English. He took three tracts from me. At the checkout, we discovered that we needed a larger size of peanuts. My daughter and I went back to where they are located - on the beer and wine isle! Two men were picking out some alcoholic drinks. I gave them the "What If?" tract as I quickly shared a little of my testimony. They probably thought I was crazy, but they took the tracts.
What a great day! As I witness and give out tracts, it encourages me to reach out to the lost more! This next year holds many opportunities for Christians to share their faith. We all have a testimony of the saving power of the blood of Jesus! Let's tell someone today!

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