Saturday, December 15, 2012

Witnessing While Christmas Shopping

It's hard not to witness as Christmas shopping is in full force! The malls and stores are packed with many opportunities for tracts and conversations. I wanted to pass out at least 50 tracts today as we were out with the holiday crowd. I made it to 28 for the day. I met Eleazar, a Spanish man, and his family while we were at Ross. He seemed grateful that I stopped to talk with him. I gave a man card to Greg at Big Lots. Afterwards, I saw him at the gas station that was nearby. He said that he was new to the area. K.W. took a man card at Walmart.
I also ran into a young man at Walmart that I worked with about the time I got saved. He said that he was saved about 8 years ago! His son, who is 13, was saved in 2009. Jamario, a cashier at the Dollar Tree, got a Washington million that I had found in some tracts. I try to give tracts to cashiers as I make my purchases. I ask them to read the tract when that get a break. Some read the tract while they are ringing up the items! As we went through various stores, I put tracts on displays and in gift bags.
Last Friday at Walmart, I talked with Quincy after giving him a man card. He was working on the light bulb isle. I needed some lights for the laundry mat that I take care of. They didn't have them at the Monroe Walmart, so I went to this one in West Monroe. The Lord had it set up! I took him through 3 of the Ten Commandments. He said that he would go to hell. I asked him to think about what we had talked about. He was thinking! Then, I remembered giving him a million several months ago on the other side of the store! I pray that he has already prayed to be saved!
Also, I talked with a Hindu man named Hashish. I gave him a Christ-Mas tract and talked to him about why we celebrate Christmas. He said that he had been in America for a year.
One of the highlights this week happened at Walmart last night while we were getting groceries. There was a woman looking at her phone near the back of the store. (I love witnessing to people when they are not too busy!) I gave her the Christ-Mas tract and asked her where she would go if she died tonight. She said that she wouldn't go to Heaven. I took her through two of Ten Commandments. Then, I got to the one about hatred being like murder. She told me that her family was going through a lot because her brother killed a man two weeks ago! Please pray for Glenda and her family. I asked her to read Romans 10 and 1 John 5 that night.
Please view Carl's post about his witnessing experiences today on the As You Go blog @
So many people need the Lord! There is someone waiting for hope out there!
We must be diligent in witnessing! God has divine appointments set up for the soul-winner that is looking for them.
A divine appointment is a meaningful interaction through Gospel conversation with an unbeliever. (Quote from
Pray that you will have divine appointments this Christmas season. Someone still needs the "gift" of eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord!

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