Friday, July 14, 2017

Witnessing - July 9 - 14, 2017

July 9 - 10 - Yesterday, I met the #DailyTractChallenge three times at Walmart. A couple took the texting tract and the May The Lord Be With You Tract.

Today at Circle K while talking with Carl on the phone, two Spanish men received the Spanish yolo tract. A man on the other side of the pump took the Seinfeld million. I met today's challenge, too!

July 11- I gave out 6 Uncle Sam millions at Taco Bell last night. Several took the Yolo tract at Walmart. Rafael, Boris, and another Spanish man took the Spanish Yolo tract. Brian, the cashier, took a Uncle Sam million. A man took the Abraham Lincoln quote tract at a Chevron this morning.

July 12 -  After preaching tonight, we stopped at McDonald's. They had minions in their happy meals, so I gave out 5 minion millions to employees and several to customers. One young man who was hanging out outside took a Yolo tract. At Walmart, I gave out a few Yolo tracts. Malcolm said that he was going to Heaven because he was a good person. Jonathan said that he was spiritual, but not religious. Mary, the cashier took a Seinfeld and Uncle Sam million.

Jultv 13- My pastor, Bro. JJ, and I are preaching a revival at the detention center that we go to. Last night, I took a good assortment of tracts in. I got to pray with Sesar, who is from Honduras. He didn't any English. I gave him a few Spanish bookmarks. On the way home, the man working the McDonald's drive-thru took a Minion million.

July 14- I gave out several tracts this evening at Walmart. When going in, I gave out 6 of the May The Lord Be With You tracts. I met a man by the watermelons who is a preacher. We had a few good minutes of fellowship. I gave 4 Hindu men the Uncle Sam million in the back of the store. When going back to the front, I gave a Uncle Sam million to an employee whose name is Oliver. He said that he believed, but had been reading books that denied the existence of Jesus. I quoted 1 John 5:13 and told him that we can know that we are saved. I told him that I wanted a good report the next time I see him. He was thankful that we talked. A group of 3 people took an Uncle Sam million. One woman said that she was going to  take it back to Albuquerque with her. I said to two men when giving them the Uncle Sam million: "I bet you haven't got one of these!" 

Luey, who was from Mexico, took a Spanish Yolo tract, too. At the checkout, a little boy named Noah took a Minion million. His mother took a Uncle Sam million. The cashier took the Seinfeld million. On the way out, a woman took an Uncle Sam million. I met the #DailyTractChallenge at least three times.


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